Our FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics team members have been in FIRST for many years. Because of this our long-term involvement, Geared Up team members have gained much experience, making us a premier robotics team.


Our team consists of students, grades 7-12, who are enthusiastic about learning! We are based in the beautiful Mohawk Valley area of Central New York State. 


We build & program robots to perform special tasks. Then during competitive tournaments, we work together with an Alliance Partner team to achieve a common goal against another set of two teams.

Four robots are running in the tournament field at the same time--- way cool!



FIRST® stands for:





  • We apply real-world math & science concepts!


  • We design, build, and program robots!


  • We get hands-on programming & rapid-prototyping experience!


  • We document the engineering process!


  • We develop problem solving, organizational, & team building skills!

More about FIRST Tech Challenge

FIRST Tech Challenge offers us a chance to develop strategy & design and build robots based on sound engineering principles.


Teams use modular robotics platforms and/or completely customize and fabricate their designs and parts to build their robots. Computer Aided Design software (such as AutoCAD® or Inventor® ) is used throughout the design process. Java, a popular programming language, is used to bring the robot to life!


We compete in a FIRST designed game, interacting with three other teams' robots in sports-like tournaments complete with judges and important rewards. 


Our Philosophy  

Geared Up strives to gain real-world experience by brainstorming, designing, fabricating, programming, and competing with others and their robots. Our team enthusiastically lives by the motto of Gracious Professionalism, a concept founded by FIRST, promoting generosity and graciousness within the competition and learning to solve problems together with competitors. Our team is dedicated to assisting the growth and understanding of robotics, STEM education, and critical thinking processes to creatively solve challenging problems.


"Only the best is good enough."

Ole Kirk Christiansen, Founder of LEGO®


Geared Up focuses on creating consistency, reliability & durability within our robot designs. We are constantly modifying, improving and redesigning the functionality, design, and programs in our robots-- hopefully ensuring we will perform well at competitions!

We Compete

  • 5+ NY State & Eastern US Tournaments each year, plus hopefully the World Championships!

  • Various NY State FTC Scrimmages

  • STEM EX Tech Showcase, SUNY Poly


We Inspire & Mentor

  • We created a curriculum & teach our own FTC camp!

  • We mentor many new robotics teams by offering assistance and advice to FTC & FLL. (FIRST LEGO League) teams.

  • We are honored to be a Host Team for an FTC Qualifier!

  • We assist teaching kids at SUNY Poly FLL camps.

  • We assist & volunteer at FLL and FTC events.

AWARDS throughout our history:


1 of 8 Finalists for Inspire Award at 2016-17 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS


Inspire Award at Qualifiers & Championships

Promote Award 2017-18 Detroit World Championship 2017-18 View Video

Promote Award 2017-18 EAST SUPER-REGIONAL View Video

Winning Alliance Captain

Finalist Alliance Captain

Think Award 

Control Award


Connect Award


Connect Award Finalist at Detroit World Championship 2017-18

Motivate Award   

Finalist Rockwell - Collins Innovate Award

Finalist PTC Design Award


Finalist Promote Video Award View Video

FIRST® Dean's List Award Finalist 


Youth FLL Mentor Award

HELP US RAISE $ to fund our season!


Contributions are 100% tax-deductible as we are a 501 (c)(3) organization through 4H.

We are very thankful for any sponsorships & donations assisting us in our adventure!



~Guy, Karina, Lexy, Lucas, Nick, Hanley, and Alea


If you want to attend our FTC Summer Camp at Suny Poly, click this link to find out how!

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